Adding storage in a Cape Cod-themed guest bedroom

Cape Cod-themed guest bedroom

I needed guest-friendly storage in a Cape Cod-themed guest bedroom. This took the better part of a month, after ripping out a dysfunctional and shallow (useless closet) that had been squeezed into the space by a previous owner.

I used:

  • Askvoll 3-drawer chest (plus an extra part from IKEA As-Is for the base)
  • Nornäs wardrobe
  • Soknedal mirror (hung inverted)
  • 2-pair Brattvag short legs

ikea hack materials for Cape Cod-themed guest bedroom


To cover the IKEA-drilled pull holes at the top of each Askvoll chest drawer, I cut pieces of 1/4” x 1 1/2” strips of wood trim and painted them with Valspar Cl133 Careless Whisper, Interior, Eggshell. I drilled center holes in each drawer, and used mercury glass knobs found at TJ Maxx. I left the white fronts white, and glued on my painted trim.


I custom built and fit the upper storage above NORNÄS. I painted the bare wood parts with Valspar 773958 Ultra White (right off the shelf). I ordered 4 pc. of 1/4” thick mirror 13 7/8” x 13 7/8” and glued these in to the door’s panels. I applied the same trim and knob as the chest.

As I mentioned, the storage on top of NORNÄS I custom built to finish out the height of the inverted mirror. One could always find a stock item of the right dimension to create this storage, or add a couple of shelves over it.

I am adding am antique bronze adornment in the upper mirror blank this weekend to “dress” it up a bit.

Because the mirror and dresser have “slick” finishes to them, I had to do some sanding prior to painting.

I also had 1/4” pencil edge glass cut to fit the chest top to protect the paint.

cape cod storage-1

cape cod storage-2

WARNING!!! If you want to apply raised trim on NORNÄS, be sure NOT to apply it to the outside edge of the door. I did, and I had to remove it because the door would not open!!!

~ by Baer