IKEA bed on wheels + a fantastic living cube version

ikea bed on wheels living cube

A movable bed and even a living cube, here’s hacking the versatile IKEA MANDAL storage bed.

Since the IKEA MANDAL bed has storage drawers, I wanted to have access to all 4 drawers. I decided to install wheels to easily move it when I needed to access the drawers that faced the wall.

IKEA items used:

MANDAL bed 140×200 cm

(Depending on the IKEA location, the IKEA MANDAL bed comes in a few sizes — ranging from a twin 90cm bed to queen 160cm wide bed. The twin bed has storage only on one side.)

Other materials and tools: 

4x ϕ70mm fully rotating wheels w/brake
3x ϕ70mm fully rotating wheels wo/brake
7x M8x30mm Socket Head Cap Screw
7x M8x15mm Threaded Insert nut
L-shape hexagonal spanner
2x pieces of wood
Wood clamp
Drill driver
4 drill bits for wood: ϕ 5, 8, 10 mm

How to add wheels on IKEA MANDAL bed:

Step 1: 

First, flip over the bed. Then, mark the position of holes for all 7 wheels. Ensure holes fall right in the middle of each wood strip. For the corners I left 50mm from the edge.

Don’t forget to add a wheel to the center supporting leg of the bed. 

Step 2: 

Drill holes. IMPORTANT: Before drilling the hole, use one or two pieces of wood and clamp it together. With this tip you will avoid the risk of cracking the wood when drilling.

Drill a pilot hole. First, use a smaller bit then increase the drill bit size progressively. This also helps to avoid undesired cracks.

Step 3: 

Insert threaded insert nuts using an L-shape hex spanner. Insert nuts carefully and as perpendicular as possible.  

Step 4: 

Mount all 7 caster wheels on to the bed frame.

Step 5: 

Flip the bed back upright. Give it a swivel.

Open a beer and drink!

How long and how much did it cost? 

50 € aprox. (MANDAL bed cost not included ;))

Total time: 

<2 hours to mount everything (around 15 minutes per wheel).

~ by Ramon P.

DIY Living Cube: Our all-in-one studio bed solution on wheels

We designed the project based on an inspiration from the NY Times article about a Cube in a loft apartment. The designer used the basic idea, but applied it to a studio without a high ceiling.

To keep the cost lower than starting from scratch we used an IKEA bed frame. We also wanted to have extra storage and the MANDAL has drawer space built in the frame.

We sketched out the plan, with the IKEA bed on wheels surrounded with privacy dividers. On the bed frame, we planned to add open storage shelves on two sides and a drop down desk.

The bed can be moved out of the way when we needed more floor space in our studio apartment.

IKEA item used:

IKEA MANDAL Bed Frame and Mattress

Mandal bed with 4 drawers
Photo: IKEA MANDAL bed
Step 1: Building the structure

My carpenter built a frame on to the MANDAL structure using pre-painted and finished lumber. The frame includes shelves made from poplar wood. We left the shelves unpainted, but added a coat of white paint to the entire upper structure to match the MANDAL storage drawers.

Step two: Adding wheels on the bed frame

We added nine caster wheels to the MANDAL to make the entire structure mobile. The wheels are from Coolcastors.com. Nine wheels were necessary for each part of the MANDAL that was load-bearing. The wheels can be locked easily with fingers or with a gentle push from the toes. Even with the weight of the structure, the wheels have no issues. The bed glides effortlessly on the hardwood floors.

Step three: Installing the privacy screens

We added a plastic material to the exterior from Piedmont Plastics. The material is polycarbonate plastic. We chose green and blue as more soothing colors.

Step four: Creating the drop down desk

Added a drop-down desk to the structure that will allow a person to sit on the bed and use it or outside the structure to use it while sitting on a chair. The desk is stored vertically when not in use.

IKEA MANDAL Bed on Wheels, a living cube with storage, shelves and desk
Step five: The headboard

Lastly, we fixed a wooden headboard to the end of the bed. Remote controlled battery operated lights are also planned.

IKEA MANDAL Bed on Wheels, a living cube with storage, shelves and desk

And our IKEA living cube studio bed on wheels is done.

IKEA MANDAL Bed on Wheels, a living cube with storage, shelves and desk

See more photos of the studio bed solution.

~ by Timothy Poe, Washington, DC

Originally posted on April 2011. Post updated with new information.