Hack an RV mobile cabinet and storage

RV mobile cabinet and storage

We frequently travel in our 25′ motor home and storage and counter space are at a premium. We are always in need of additional convenient storage space in the galley area for cutlery and utensils and we needed a place to keep the litter box for our cat. We searched for an easy and low cost solution and looked through the Ikea catalog for ideas.

This Ikea hack converts a standard Ikea cabinet into a mobile storage island for our recreational vehicle or motor home and provides a much-needed additional 14″ x 21″ cutting board/counter top work space in the galley plus three additional drawers. It already comes with locking wheels allowing us to store it in a secure location where it remains while we are on the road and can easily be moved into position while camping.

Here’s what I did:
1. I started with a Micke cabinet (Width: 13 3/4 “, Depth: 19 5/8 “, Height: 29 1/2 “) Available in white or black/brown ($59.99)
2. I assembled the cabinet as instructed.
3. I installed the top three drawers for kitchen utensils and other smaller items.
4. I chose to not install the bottom file size drawer and we use that space to hold a litter box for our cat.
5. I cut the unused file drawer-front to fit across the bottom space and secured it with screws. This prevents the litter box from sliding out while we are on the road.
6. Next I drilled a hole through the cabinet side and into each drawer front to accommodate a loose fitting nail which serves to lock the drawer and prevent it from opening while we are on the road.
7. Finally, I purchased a 14″x21” bamboo cutting board at Walmart ($17.84) and attached it to the cabinet top with Velcro strips which allows it to be removed for cleaning if necessary.

This is one of the easiest, least expensive and best enhancements we’ve made to our motor home.

~ by Randolph Myerson