Industrial, Steampunk hack to the Lack, TV Stand

steampunk TV LACK rack 3

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Ikea items: Black LACK TV stand, Black bed legs BRATTVÅG 10cm

We are going for an industrial/steampunk look in our new apartment and were trying to find the perfect TV stand. Needless to say we found nothing.

So we thought to keep it simple and just get the black LACK TV stand, but we weren’t sure if the Denon receiver would fit in it. Things didn’t look promising.

Then I found photos online of people that had already hacked this TV stand to create more space and the idea of the Industrial LACK TV stand got born.

We found a used LACK TV stand for 1/5 of the original price, in case we screw up, and got to work.

Things used:
1. Lack TV stand, black
2. Brattvåg bed legs, black
3. 2x1m threaded rods 12mm
4. 22 bolts 12mm
5. 10 square washers 13mm
6. 12 round washers 13mm
7. Copper spray mat

1. With a 12 mm drill bit I drilled through the 4 already aligned holes in the two boards. (You might need to move the drill around to make a bit of extra space for the 12mm rods)
2. Drilled two 12mm holed in the middle, back of the lower board for better TV support. I aligned these with the 2 holes on the side/back.
3. Cut the rod in ≈33cm pieces resulting in 6 identical pieces.
4. Sprayed all rods, bolts and washers with the copper spray.
5. Screwed the 4 bed legs into the existing holes under the lower board. (kept 2 of the 4 round plastic discs that came with the legs to use them later)

steampunk TV LACK rack-4

steampunk TV LACK rack-5

6. Used tape and newspaper to make a rectangle shape on the top board and proceeded to paint it copper with the spray.
7a. Started putting together the 4 rods with bolts and washers. I used the square washers between the two boards to make it hold the TV weight better, since this is where the most pressure will be.
7b. Adjusted all bolts around the stand to create 21.5cm space in between. The space is adjustable if you need less or more. (if you need more you should cut 4 rods to 35cm and two to 30cm)
8a. Inserted the last 2 support rods in the middle, and adjusted them to support the upper board tightly. I used the 2 round black plastic discs that came with the bed legs on the top of the rods to hold the upper board.
8b. I sawed off the two leftover bits that extended under the lower board.

And done!

steampunk TV LACK rack-6

steampunk TV LACK rack-7

steampunk TV LACK rack-8

steampunk TV LACK rack-1

steampunk TV LACK rack-2

steampunk TV LACK rack-3

~ by Dimitris & Martina (MjW)

Jules Yap