Turn your IKEA Gitte Cushion into a stylish kids stool

kids stool gitte

I would like to submit my IKEA Gitte cushion in to kids stool hack.


  • IKEA Gitte Cushion Cover – You can purchase it for about $5
  • Legheads furniture legs


1. Cut a piece of wood cut to fit inside the cushion cover. (We cut ours to a 40cm square)


2. Use the leg attachment plates to mark where you want the legs to go.


3. Drill pilot holes. Make sure to use drill bits which are slightly smaller than the screws and hangar bolt.


4. Screw in the attachment plates. If the screws go through the wood, don’t panic! You can easily cover them up with some cardboard and gaffer tape.


5. Insert the wood into the cushion cover. Make sure the attachment plates are facing down. Pierce holes into the cushion cover and screw in the furniture legs.


6. Insert the cushion into the cushion cover to form the seat of the stool.

Kids stool

Watch the instructional video.

Kids stool 2

See complete tutorial.

~ by TJ, Legheads