Double multi-position Tingby Coffee table

Double multi-position Tingby Coffee table

Double multi-position Tingby Coffee table


  • 2 TINGBY tables by IKEA (we used the 64x64cm)
  • 1 Pack of FIXA stick-on floor protectors also from IKEA
  • 6x M8 nuts (8mm inside)
  • 3x threaded rods M8 (8mm diameter) each 5cm long
  • Contact adhesive (strong all purpose glue)
  • Keys, supplied by IKEA with each table.

Put a drop of glue on one end of each threaded rod. Screw a nut on each threaded rod so that half of the nut is still available. Let it dry. While drying, assemble the first table according to the IKEA instructions.

threaded rod

Open the second table package and take out 3 of the 4 wheels.
Insert a drop of glue in the nut and assemble each wheel, using the two keys to tighten. Let dry.

The caster

Caster with extended rods

For the 2nd table, put only 3 feet under the table top. Glue 6 small FIXA protections under the top. This will allow the table to slide softly without damaging the top of the table below.

Screw 1 nut onto each rod at approx. 2.7cm of the end.

Screw in the casters to the leg

Screw the wheels under each foot. Do not tighten the nuts. Flip 2nd table (over the first). All FIXA should be in contact with the table below (the wheels should not touch the ground yet). Adjust their height starting with the first wheel, then the middle one, then the third. Have the wheels touch the ground without lifting the top.

Tip: Use your other hand to hold both table tops tight. Once everything is even and straight, tighten the nuts.

And that’s it!

Careful: even though the tri-pod table can stand alone, it is highly recommended to not use this table if you have young children, unless you add something to prevent the top from sliding off the one below.

Tingby coffee table - open

Tingby coffee table - closed

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~ by Chris and Cath Thomas