How to DIY Wine Rack Inserts for the KALLAX

diy lattice wine rack insert

Want the best way to store your wine bottles on the IKEA KALLAX unit? Look no further than the IKEA KALLAX wine rack insert hack!

With space for 9-12 bottles, this clever insert turns your KALLAX shelving unit into a stylish IKEA KALLAX bar with functional wine storage.

Make one if you’re a casual wine drinker or more if you’re a serious collector, the number of IKEA KALLAX wine rack inserts can grow to fit your bottle collection. So grab a glass, pop open a bottle, and get ready to elevate your wine storage game with these 3 amazing hacks.

DIY lattice wine rack insert

Lattice Wine Rack

Here’s a DIY lattice wine rack insert I made to fit the dimensions of the KALLAX cube.

It might seem like it’s hard to make as it needs a laser cutter or CNC, but thanks to the wonder of makerspaces, this is very achievable in most places within the reach of IKEA.

1. Google the word “makerspace” and your home town, if you aren’t lucky enough to own a laser cutter you will need help. Fortunately, there are makerspaces all over the world and many of them have laser cutters that they will be happy to help you use.

How it looks inside the KALLAX

2. Obtain 6mm laser-safe plywood. If you are more adventurous you can use other thicknesses by modifying the OpenSCAD source file.

3. Get the parts cut on a laser cutter, the SVG and DXF files work for 6mm plywood. This is the step where the experts at the makerspace may need to help.

DIY Lattice wine rack

4. Slot the parts together, glue if desired, add wine, and enjoy.

Download my design files on thingiverse.

~ by Bracken

KALLAX tic-tac-toe 9 bottle insert

wine storage cubes

So after cutting down a KALLAX Cube unit from a 4×2 to a 3×2 to make a kitchen island unit and adding an IKEA table top, we decided it would be great to store wine bottles in.

My husband is handy and was able to make a simple wine rack from the spare KALLAX shelves.

Basically, it was to route two grooves on each shelf. And then, slot them together.

KALLAX wine rack insert

Since this hack, IKEA also sells their own version.

DIY X-shape Wine Rack Insert (Easy Hack!)

diy x shape wine rack

I have limited tools for woodworking and wanted to construct a wine rack insert for my KALLAX (which also can be done for the old EXPEDIT). I looked at the available project ideas available on the Internet, and many of them involved using a table saw, which I am afraid to use because I need my fingers 🙂 Furthermore, the KALLAX bottle insert from IKEA wasn’t really the look I was going for.

After some brainstorming, I felt I could DIY an X shelf insert with just my miter saw! I also spent about $8 dollars for the whole project, much cheaper than readymade ones.


  • KALLAX shelving unit or EXPEDIT shelving unit
  • 1 x 2 inches x 8 feet wood strips
  • Wood glue



cutting the wood

I bought some wood, about 1 x 2 inches x 8 feet in size for 96 cents each. I measured the diagonal length of the cabinet cubby and cut the wood to length at a 45-degree angle using a miter box and hand saw.

In case of wood irregularities, I cut one and put it in place before cutting the next one. Or in case of tape measure irregularities.

I lightly sanded the cut edges for a smoother finish.

Testing the wood strips in KALLAX cube

How this works is to interlace the wood strips. Fit one wood strip from the top left corner down to the right bottom corner. Then fit the next one from the right top corner down to the left bottom corner. What you get at the end is a slatted wood X-shaped piece. From my calculations, I would need about 10 wood strips for a cubby. This may be different for you depending on the thickness of the wood you use.


DIY X-shape wine rack for KALLAX

I painted them and then glued them in place with wood glue. Starting with the strip for the deepest end, I placed glue at the top and bottom of the wood strip and glued it in place. Repeat until the KALLAX cube is complete. The weight of the wine bottles will also hold the wood in place.

In the end, I used only 9 wood pieces in each cubby, leaving a small space in the front of the cabinet for a more tidy appearance. One “X” fits about 12 wine bottles, 3 in each section.

Am super pleased with it. With this little DIY wine rack, I’m able to complete my small KALLAX bar cabinet.

~ by Claudia Vonne Franco