IKEA in Space for X’mas

Ikea hack VISIONÄR IKEA in Space for X'mas

We bought different colours of this Visionär hanging decoration, a few years ago.

I had also bought some small ones for my children, but we had not unpacked them yet.

The large ones (this white ball, a green ‘pear’ and an orange ‘strawberry’ shaped decoration thing) have been hanging around our room all year long. And then the Christmas tree arrived and I found some gold spray paint in our garage…

We made this Visionär-Jupiter-like constellation by simply spraying the balls with gold spray paint, bought in a DIY store.

The small ones are attached to the larger one with some small golden decoration ribbon (usually also available at Ikea by the way).

The glowing, sparkling effect is best seen on the picture because of the flash that reflects, but simply looking at it in our room with the lights in the christmas tree is also very spacey 🙂

~ by Angela, Utrecht, the Netherlands