The RAST with lovely Marimekko paper napkins

The RAST mod podged with lovely Marimekko paper napkins

I’ve been following IKEA Hackers for years and submitted a Pokeball Regolit piñata some years ago.

This time, my submission is a plain RAST chest of drawers that I decorated with Marimekko paper napkins. Marimekko designs are awesome and I especially love their Pike one. I saw the paper napkins in a kitchen shop and bought a pack of 20 for 4€, from which I only used two as each napkin has four fishes.

Marimekko paper napkins - pike

After sanding and painting the sides and top of the RAST in blue (I had some remaining paint so 0€ for that), I cut the fishes from the napkins and glued them onto the front of the drawers using Mod Podge (it’d work with wood glue as well).

RAST with Marimekko napkins

It’s a little tricky as they rip easily; you have to first apply a very thin coat, then place the paper carefully and patting it to make it stick. After it dried, I applied a second coat of Mod Podge to seal it and that’s it!

RAST with Marimekko napkins

~ by Inés (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)