IKEA METOD cabinets into AV unit

8-ikea metod TV unit

9-ikea metod TV unit

I have recently completed an AV unit hack based on METOD kitchen cabinets and ideas I saw on this site for similar types of units. Like many others who have done something similar, my main challenge was to find a unit that could accommodate an AV amp that was too deep for normal TV units due to its depth and the various cables attached at the back. I opted for 4 60cm wide METOD units and a 40cm wide unit in the centre. The outer units are for general storage and equipment and the central unit is for my centre speakers and subwoofer. The doors are RINGHULT high gloss white – the centre door has been routed out and covered with white acoustic cloth to allow the sound to pass through.

1-ikea metod TV unit 2-ikea metod TV unit

The doors have UTRUSTA hinges with soft closing attachments and push openers. The feet under the cabinets are CAPITA legs.

The total unit width is 2.8 metres so I was unable to use an IKEA worktop as these were 2.4m in length. Instead I used a 3m length of oak worktop from a company that could pre cut and drill the holes I needed before delivery. I had two 100mm ventilation holes for the AV equipment plus one central hole for the cables to go in to the TV. I covered the ventilation holes with metal grilles and the cable outlet with a cable guide cover to keep things looking neat.

3-ikea metod TV unit 4-ikea metod TV unit

It was a fairly simple build – the only modifications I had to make at assembly time was to cut out the base and side pieces of each unit to fit over the skirting trunking I have behind the units housing the plugs, telephone sock, TV socket etc. I also made some holes between the units on the insides for various cables to pass through. I also drilled some holes in the shelves and side panels where the hottest equipment sits to help with ventilation. Inside the unit to cool the devices I have used fans and controllers from AC Infinity which are temperature controlled so only come on when required. The fans extract the air upwards to the ventilation holes in the worktop.

5-ikea metod TV unit 6-ikea metod TV unit 7-ikea metod TV unit

I started with the central METOD unit and worked outwards. I needed to get the TV and equipment cabled up as quick as possible to placate my family, so I installed all of the equipment once the three central units were assembled. I didn’t have the worktop at the beginning so this helped with getting all the equipment in place and neatly cabled as I had access from the top down. I also installed a Philips Hue Lightstrip underneath for more ambient lighting effects (as I already have some Hue lights in the house).

I am very happy with the finished product and would like to thank IKEAhackers for inspiring me to try this project and save myself a lot of money!

~ by Mike