Lamplig DIY Hi-End Speaker

DIY Hi-end Speaker hacked from LAMPLIG chopping board

I’ve been DIYing speaker for a while. All along I’ve been using MDF or plywood but never used solid wood. One day I walk around Ikea and saw Lamplig chopping block that can be used to make solid speaker cabinet. It has good thickness and big enough size. So I made some plan on the cabinet size and the required quantity.

Lamplig chopping block

Glueing the pieces together

Gluing the chopping blocks was quite tricky because of wood dimensional stability. The glue broke apart after the first gluing because the wood slightly warped and changed size. It’s not a big deal for standalone chopping board but it’s not good if the woods are to be joined together. I was frustrated and left the cabinet alone for at least couple of months while I was busy with other projects. I revisited the project. I trimmed the wood and glue again. This time I added few screws to keep the cabinet intact.

Made cut outs for the speakers


A pair done

DIY Hi-end Speaker hacked from LAMPLIG chopping board

So there it is, my first solid wood speaker using Ikea Lamplig chopping blocks.

~ by Yusuf Apsoro