Bamboo Tablet + Laptop holder

IKEA items used: Rimforsa Knife holder

I saw these nice Bamboo tablet/smartphone/laptop stands on Amazon. But they were relatively expensive and more geared towards small tablets and smartphones. But I wanted to put two Laptops and an 12.9” iPad in there.

When I found this knife holder at IKEA in the used section for 6€ I took it home for some tinkering.

IKEA rimforsa knife holder

1. Remove the magnets and do something else with them
2. Remove the metal rail and do something else with it
3. Measure how thick you devices are you want to put in there
4. Mark the new desired width of the slots and use a saw to remove the material.
5. Sand the insides of the slots and put some felt in there, so the devices are a little protected.

IKEA Rimforsa DIY Bamboo Tablet + Laptop holder

6. Buy a Multi-USB-Charger and hide it somewhere below the table you put this thing on. Maybe screw/glue it on the underside. In case your Laptop uses USB-C: there are also Chargers with USB-C so you can also charge your Laptop with this Charger and you can use the original charger when you are travelling.

IKEA Rimforsa DIY Bamboo Tablet + Laptop holder

7. Route the cables through these household clamps so they don’t fall down when not in use. You can add a small weight to the cables so they are pulled back when you unplug a device.

IKEA Rimforsa DIY Bamboo Tablet + Laptop holder

8. Also add an USB-extension there in case someone else want to charge a device you don’t have a cable already installed.
9. Profit

IKEA Rimforsa DIY Bamboo Tablet + Laptop holder

~ by Georg


Jules Yap