Easy wine rack for METOD kitchen cabinet

We recently moved into an apartment with a great IKEA kitchen using the METOD cabinets … the only thing missing was a wine rack.

We solved that pronto, with a super-fast project that used up old bits I had laying around. It required no cutting and was complete in ten minutes!

IKEA items used:
KALLAX insert for bottles

KALLAX insert for bottles | IKEA.com

  • Screwdriver for adjusting shelf pins

Easy kitchen cabinet wine rack

The first thing we did was to space the METOD shelves with six dowel holes between the shelves.

Then, peel the gray felt off the edges of the KALLAX insert for bottles and assemble the pieces of the wine insert. Next, slide the insert in between the METOD shelves.

kitchen cabinet wine rack

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Lastly, we used leftover KALLAX shelves to make the final side of the little wine cubby.

They wedge in nice and tight, so I didn’t feel they needed to be secured with glue or screws. But you can certainly take the extra step to keep things secure.

And that’s it! The kitchen cabinet wine rack is done.

Last step is, of course, to fill them up with bottles.

kitchen cabinet wine rack

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~ by Bethany