Back to College? Study these 6 IKEA styleboards

When I saw these styleboards on, my thoughts zipped back to my campus days.

College was awesome in many ways, but the decor was definitely not one of them.

Lots of beech veneer and beige walls.


Rent was dirt cheap though, its only saving grace. I stayed in the dorm for a year before I moved to a rental off campus.

IKEA Back to college styleboards

Here, take a peek at a similar dorm room from my alma mater.

Universiti Sains Malaysia Desasiswa Saujana

Watch the video if you are in for a bit of decorating horror.

IKEA did not exist when I was in college. But even if it did, I wonder whether I would have styled up my dorm room extensively. I was a frugal student before frugality was in and absolutely clueless about DIYing and decorating.

But now, should a Freaky Friday thing happen between me and a college kid, you can be sure that I will exorcise the beige-bland-demon out of that dorm room. I love the Worldly Wanderer but my younger-self would have gone for the Word Nerd or maybe the Fashion Addict. Oh, so hard to decide.

What about you? Click the arrows to see all 6 boards. If you are going back to college, which is your favourite style board? Tell me in the comments section below.

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Jules Yap