POÄNG Gravity Recliner


Items used:

  • 1 Poäng chair
  • 1 Poäng ottoman
  • 2 5/16 inch pins
  • drywall screws (does not have to be drywall screws, they were just what I had available)

My chair and ottoman were already assembled as I have had it for some time now.

1. Replace the cross support for the ottoman that holds the square ottoman cushion base with the cross support used on the bottom of the chair. This needs to go on the “higher” side of the ottoman. Do not place a cross member in the “lower” side as this is where the seat base will pivot.

POÄNG chair and ottoman parts

2. In the seat base, at the curve where the back rest and seat bottom meet, drill a hole using a 5/16 inch drill bit. I placed the bit in the hole of the seat frame where the pins that support the seat bottom to the frame would normally go and wrapped a piece of electrical tape to mark how deep my hole needed to be. You should end up with two holes on the outside seat frame where the back rest and the seat bottom come together. This will be the pivot point that allows the seat to recline.

3. Cut the bottom portion of each chair leg to allow the chair to clear the ground while reclining. I measured approximately 20 inches from each end of (rear of frame bottom) and cut using a circular saw. You should be able to see this in the first image.

5/16 connecting pin

4. Assemble the chair as you normally would. Place the 5/16 inch pins in the holes you drilled in the seat frame for the pivot point. Place the other side of the pins in the holes in the ottoman where the screw that secures the cross member support would normally go. You will have to bore out this hole a little using the 5/16 inch drill bit.

5. Next take the two supports that would hold the square base for the ottoman. I used a circular saw to cut these at a 45 degree angle as seen in the images. Unscrew the front screw on each side of the seat base and screw the cut cross members to the seat using dry wall screws through the seat base hole. (as seen in images)

gravity recliner supports

foot rest support

6. Lastly, secure the square ottoman base to supports using smaller dry wall screws.

almost done ottoman base

Feel free to upgrade or modify as you see fit. I may turn the ottoman frame around to where the chair pivots on the “high side” rather than the “lower side” to see if it will recline a bit more. I plan to possibly add some handles on the sides to use to push the chair to the recline position and to pull against to go from recline back to normal position.

POÄNG Gravity Recliner POÄNG Gravity Recliner

However, with the way it is now, it is not a necessity as it is quite easy to transition from normal to recline and back to normal. I have a bad back and this was to help relieve pressure on my spine. So far it works exactly as planned. I also plan to add a heated seat massager to really unwind after a long day. Enjoy!

~ by Bret Rogers