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how to cover up dowel holes

Philipp wrote me an email and wanted honest feedback from the IKEA community on the thingamajig he invented to cover up dowel holes in the PAX wardrobes, BILLY bookcases and others. He calls them “beauty-clicks”. I know, not the best name.

The idea is good, and I personally think they look better than Variera cover caps. Let me just say before we go further, this is NOT a sponsored post. Just wanted to help Philipp because I liked his idea and I hope we, collectively, can point him towards the right direction for his product.

How to install beauty clicks bar

How to install Beauty Clicks:

1. Just measure the space between shelves.

2. Cut the bar strip.

3. Insert the clips into the dowel holes.

4. Click on the bar.

Beauty Clicks - how to cover up dowel holes  Beauty clicks - how to cover up dowel holes

It also comes in a variety of colours. Neat, right? Sadly these bars aren’t flying off the shelves.

What is Philipp not getting right? He appreciates any feedback he can get on his Beauty Clicks. Just drop a comment.

beauty clicks - how to cover up dowel holes

What do you think? Yay or Nay? To find out more about Beauty Clicks, visit this link.

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