13 Years of IKEA Hacking … where do we go from here?

Ikea hacking 13 years

Today, I poured myself a glass for ginger wine, swirled it and raised a toast.

Besides chugging down alcohol, I lifted my hands and said thank you to Jesus that we’re still around. If you’ve followed this site for some time, you would have known about the close call we had back in 2014. I’m glad that’s all sorted now, with the big blue and yellow.

Cheers, everyone!

I must also thank you, my dear reader, for your support over all these years. You may have just joined us, or have stuck with me since way back then. No matter when you jumped on the wagon, I’m glad you are here and I hope you’ll continue to stick around to help us build an even better platform.

IKEA hacking: 13 going on 30 

And just like that IKEA hackers has grown into a teen. With just as much uncertainty and questions as a real life one.

A new parent once told me, not half-jokingly, “The whole goal of the first few years is to keep the baby alive”. Now that my keeping-the-baby-alive years are firmly behind me, my teen is asking me, “What now?” Where do we go from here?” 

If you’ve missed out on the early days, here’s a brief write-up on how IKEA hackers started.

IKEA hacking the PAX sliding doors into a room divider

My first post was this, a hack that’s still going strong in different ways today. Please forgive the small picture size and all lower caps formatting, which was deemed cool back then. (What was I thinking!)

The story so far …

For the past 13 years, I’ve pretty much kept the regular IKEA hacking programme — sharing hacks I’ve received from all over the world or seen on the Internet.

But the world wide web was very different when I first started. Blogs were the “in” thing. There was no Facebook, no Instagram, certainly no Pinterest.

In 2006, the world has not heard of IKEA hacking. When IKEA hackers launched, it introduced a brand new phenomenon that was edgy, almost sexy. We were a movement that threw away the assembly manuals and defied what the retail giant told us to do. We were at the fringe. 

2019 and beyond

Fast forward to 2019, every self-respecting home decorating site or DIY blogger would have featured an IKEA hack or two. It is almost expected that you’ll buy IKEA and then hack it. Heck, even IKEA hacks IKEA.

Not only that, scores of businesses have emerged from the concept of IKEA hacking — accessorising, customising and adding to what IKEA offers.  

In the light of how IKEA hacking has exploded over the last decade or so … I’m now faced with this challenge: How does IKEA hackers remain fresh, relevant and as inspiring as when it started? 

I’ve always believed more heads are better than one — which it why this site is named IKEA hackers — with a plural. Because it’s never just about me or my projects.

How does IKEA hackers remain fresh, relevant and as inspiring as when it started?

I’m opening up and am hoping to have a conversation with you: What you would like to see on IKEA hackers? How shall we evolve? What new things shall we include? Or old things to bring back? What topics are you hoping we’ll cover? In what way do you think IKEA hacking phenomenon will change?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below or via this form if you prefer to share your thoughts privately

To launch our discussion

There are some possible paths, off the top of my head. A few ideas I’ve been toying with …

1. Keep doing what we do best — sharing hacks. (By the way, send yours in if you have yet to.)

2. More themed posts like this “16 ways to use the LACK side table all around the house.”

3. Branch out to include other brand furniture hacks.

4. Broaden the niche to include other hacks in different aspects of life such as travel, money, learning.

But honestly, they seem a little run of the mill. I think I’ve been locked into IKEA hackers for so long that I can’t break out of the flatpack, so to speak.

I need some fresh eyes. Your eyes. Perhaps, there’s an obvious direction that I’m just not seeing. Do point it out to me.

Please join me in hacking IKEA hackers. It will be fun. Promise.