A Hol for kitty

We’ve also seen this hack before. But again, this is using the smaller Hol. Small space kitty solutions, eh? The Hol disappeared for a season but seems like it’s back. Whether permanently, I don’t know. If you’re thinking of hacking a Hol cat box, get it quick. With it going for only $30 a piece, it is definitely a great bargain compared to what’s in the market.

Now to the hack. Keri (and Teddy) recently moved to a new apartment, with a fabulous fitted kitchen but no place for Teddy to … er … do his business.

Keri adds, “(The kitchen) is too well fitted in fact as there was no convenient nook for Teddy’s litter tray as there was in my last place.

Taking Dee’s kitty litter hideaway as inspiration I decided to hack one of my Ikea Hol side tables.

I bought a Projs desk pad and cut it down to fit inside the base of the Hol, so I could take it out and clean it to keep Teddy’s bathroom extra hygenic. Using a jigsaw, cut a doorway in the side of the Hol, and sanded down the edges so they are rounded. Also fitted hinges so make cleaning his tray out easier.

I’m really pleased with the result. It’s not original, but I used a smaller Hol than Dee had used, as my shower room is small, and the Hol side table looks like a laundry basket.

Before cutting the hole I’d checked Teddy was happy with using his tray inside a box by just using it on it’s side with no lid.

By the way, when I was in Ikea this weekend I noticed that the Hol storage bench that Dee had used is back in stock, for £45. I know a few of your contributors have used it for some incredibly creative hacks, so thought your site visitors would like to know it is available again, in the UK at least!”

What you can hack with a hol:
Printer stand
Dog crate
Computer case
Radiator cover
HPTC box
Subwoofer box