Hackers Help: Alternative sliding rails for Pax sliding doors?

Pax sliding door rails alternative

Photo: IKEA.com

Hello hackers!

I’ve bought two sets of Pax sliding doors from eBay to use as doors for a makeshift fitted wardrobe (the alcove is already there and the doors were the perfect height….).  But – I don’t have the Pax sliding rails that go with the doors, and apparently IKEA don’t sell them separately.

Does anyone have ideas on alternative rails to use with Pax doors?  I’m really hoping there are some out there!

I’m UK-based.

Any advice most appreciated.

Many thanks



Hi Becs

It’s possible to use other sliding rails in the market but it’ll take quite a bit of modding. You could try a rail like this and mount it to the wall of the alcove. You’ll need to drill new holes into the PAX doors to match the hardware. Consider adding a bottom runner so that the doors don’t fall inwards. 

Pax sliding door rails alternative

Photo below is an example of how the doors were mounted on alternative Pax sliding door rails. Of course he didn’t have an alcove and needed the wooden frame to hold the rails. But it’s doable. 

Pax sliding door rails alternative

To get a feel of how to doors work, you may want to take a look at how AJ K added the PAX sliding doors to his existing closet and Richard’s method of mounting the PAX sliding doors to own wood work. They are good references. 

Good luck on the hack! And let us know how it goes.

~ Jules