Hackers Help: How to make sliding closet doors for PAX?

I need a hack for PAX wardrobe system, I cannot afford IKEA’s sliding closet doors and I was wondering if there are any hacks that can turn a regular wardrobe door to a sliding door?

IKEA PAX wardrobe
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~ by Sara


Hi Sara

The price of the PAX sliding closet doors can be steep, especially if you choose those with glass or fancy wood veneers. But the plain ones like the SVORKMO is at a more affordable price range. It sells at $149 for a pair including the rail. I’m not sure about hardware prices at your area but making your own out of regular doors and a sliding door rail system may not be cheap either.

IKEA SVORKMO sliding closet doors

Nevertheless, to answer your question, to make a pair of sliding closet doors for the PAX system is possible. As IKEA does not sell the rail separately, you’ll need to get the right hardware for it. Take a look at this post on alternative rails for PAX sliding doors.

alternative rails for pax sliding doors

Just replace the PAX sliding closet doors with regular doors.

Another method would be to use a barn door system, like how Janet did.

barn doors for entertainment systemOne alternative inspo for you. This is from Kristina of ichdesigner.com. She added doors to her BILLY bookcases but I believe the same technique can be applied to PAX wardrobes. The OSB board doors are just gorgeous!

 How to make sliding closet doors for PAX?
Source: ichdesigner.com

See the full tutorial for her DIY BILLY bookcase sliding doors here.

Hope these ideas kickstart your thoughts in the right direction.

Good luck!

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