FJÄLL-BOring turned rustic with wooden pallet top

wooden pallet coffee table DIY

We recently bought the FJÄLLBO coffee table to use as a side table. We liked the metal frame (and the low price), but found the sleek tabletop a bit boring, so we replaced it with wooden planks from an old wooden pallet to achieve a more rustic look.

It’s an easy modification, because the tabletop is attached to the frame with just 6 screws. It didn’t need to be the same size as the old tabletop, because it is attached on top of the metal frame and not inside it – so the new surface is about 1 cm larger than the original on each side.

Take apart the wooden pallet

Join the planks from the wooden pallet together

The hardest part was taking apart the wooden pallet (it took a lot of sawing, hammering and yelling profanities at it). After that, it was just sanding, staining and joining the planks to each other with metal brackets.

wooden pallet coffee table DIY

The wooden crate in the “after” photo is also from IKEA (it’s the large KNAGGLIG). To make the stamp, I printed the logo (reversed) on baking paper and pressed it carefully onto the wood to transfer the ink. The wood absorbs it quickly, and the stain seals it in.

~ by Annie, from Greece

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TV unit wrapped with wooden pallet

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wooden pallet drawer insert

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wooden pallet desk DIY

You could also use the pallet as the desktop fitted with IKEA table legs.

Jules Yap