DIY foot rest on IKEA Antilop high chair

I wanted a foot support on the IKEA Antilop high chair, so I Googled and found this.

Using this as inspiration I made a sturdier one.

DIY foot rest on IKEA Antilop high chair

Cut the fabric into size and sew together as shown in the image.

Tie a weight (I used unused buckles) to the desired length.

weight used to hold sling inside leg

Drop inside the leg and reattach onto the high chair.

And voilà!

DIY foot rest on IKEA Antilop high chair

3 ways to get more function out of the ANTILOP high chair

Antilop high chair with joystick

Add some buttons and a joystick to the Antilop tray to keep baby entertained.  See details here.

Antilop high chair with bib pocket

Use the back of the Antilop high chair to store clean bibs. Whip one out when it’s feeding time. Details and sewing pattern on Nicole’s blog.

Bib holder 3M Command Hooks

Source: How Does She 

Can’t sew? Here’s an easy way to keep the bibs up. Use Command hooks.

IKEA Antilop with double tray

Add a tray beneath to catch the spills. Doubles as a footrest too. See more here.