IKEAhackers book sneak peek: Who’s behind this DIY Cabinet?

I’m counting down the days. Folks, lift off is near. And leading to the launch I’ll be slowly lift off the veil and share how the book came about.

meera-pendred-2Top most, the IKEAhackers book is collective elbow grease. Nineteen IKEA hackers from all over the world contributed towards it. And today, I’ll like to introduce you to one of them – Meera. She’s a passionate DIYer and the creative force behind Arty Home. She lives in a sweet 1930s house in Nottingham, UK with her husband and their two sons.

The house was the nudge she needed to awaken her creative soul. “Buying a home with my now-husband ignited the creative spark in me. In a bid to create a beautiful and personal home on a budget, I found myself trying out things that I’d never done before: sewing, crafting, giving old unloved furniture a new lease of life and hacking store-bought items,” she says.

In a bid to create a beautiful and personal home on a budget, I found myself trying out things that I’d never done before.

I picked her fabulous DIY cabinet for the book because it’s a simple yet gorgeous upgrade for the METOD kitchen cabinet. It’s also fairly easy to pull off, without major power tooling.

DIY cabinet mid century style from IKEAhackers book

Meera uses it to store her DVDs but I can see this cabinet housing books, toys, craft material and so much more. And most importantly, this handsome fella will brighten up almost any awkward nook. For the book, Meera further expanded on the instructions to make it easy for DIYers of any skill level to follow.

Here’s what she has to say about her DIY cabinet hack.

Jules: How did you come up with the idea for the DIY cabinet? What was the problem/ issue you had? And how did hacking resolve that?

Meera: I needed a DVD storage cabinet in one of my living room alcoves but I struggled to find a stylish, practical and affordable one that would fit my narrow alcove, so I decided to make one out of a kitchen wall cabinet.

My inspiration photos for a storage cabinet all had a similar theme: wooden doors, white outer frame, slim black handles and mid-century style splayed legs.

The 80x80cm METOD kitchen wall cabinet was the perfect size for our requirements and I loved the rough sawn oak texture of the HYTTAN doors, so they were my starting point.

J: What do you like most about your hacked IKEA item?

M: Besides the fact that it is perfect for my style and storage requirements, I love that my friends have commented (unprompted!) that it is a lovely cabinet and been very surprised when told that I made it from a kitchen cabinet!

I love that my friends have commented (unprompted!) that it is a lovely cabinet and been very surprised when told that I made it from a kitchen cabinet!

J: Why do you hack? And what do you enjoy about IKEA hacking?

M: I usually have a particular vision for what I need or want in a space, but it’s not always possible to obtain this from a store-bought product or have it commissioned affordably. So I start by looking for products that come close to matching my requirements. IKEA is usually a fantastic starting point as they have a vast range of products with different options at great prices. I find it immensely satisfying to get creative with an off-the-shelf item and turn it into something that’s just right for my style and practical needs.

J: Where do you find ideas/ inspiration for your hacks? And how do you go from idea to final product?

M: Pinterest and creative blogs are my primary sources for inspiration. Once I have my idea and have figured out which IKEA item(s) I’ll need, I follow up with research to work out the materials and method that I need to achieve a high quality and durable final product. I couldn’t do without the internet and the online creative community. There are so many ideas and tutorials on anything you want to learn about. After the hack is all planned out, I’m all too eager to just get on with it!

The pursuit of creativity is now a way of life for me, that is when I’m not chasing my kids! My style is still evolving and is inspired by my kids, nature, my roots in Kenya and of course the global creative community on the internet. I love that there is always something new to learn and to get excited about.

J: What’s one advice you’d offer to newbies?

M: Research (read or watch tutorials to learn about the methods and materials that will give you a high quality finish on your hack) and plan (“measure twice, cut once” as they say).

Love the cabinet? Get the book and hack it.


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