If you have NOT received the “Hack It, Jules” ebook …


I just realised that I made a typo in my email address, which means your email with the purchase receipt did not reach me.

My apologies. I’m so used to the site being IKEAhackers that my eyes totally missed the error — my email is without an “s”. Till someone dropped me a note asking why she hasn’t received the ebook. And then I checked my previous post and O.M.G!!!  (Thanks Gwen, you’re a lifesaver!) 

Kindly resend your receipt to ikeahacker@gmail.com (without the ‘s’ in ikeahackers as previously published.)

Again, I’m sorry for the mix up. Just get the receipt to me and I’ll get it sorted out pronto.

Thank you for your patience and for pre-ordering the IKEAhackers book.