Baaah! Baaah! Wishing you a Happy Year of the Goat!


Today is the Lunar New Year and for the Chinese, it’s huge – complete with dancing lions, red packets with money, mandarin oranges, firecrackers, 9 course dinners … and nosy aunties asking, “When are you getting married? This is the last time I am giving you a hóng bāo! (red packet)”

I will be taking a day off to spend time with family and friends back in my hometown, Ipoh. To all my Chinese friends, here’s wishing you “Gōng xǐ fā cái!” and may your year of the Goat (Ram? Sheep?) be filled with joy, health and prosperity.

And if you need to, you can also hack Chinese New Year in style.

I will be back with new hacks on Friday but in the meantime …

let’s have some sheep hacks …

MARIUS Mongolian stool

Torbjorn Swivel Chairs in faux-fur

Fur lined AGEN kid’s chair