Kids clothes rack in one easy addition to IVAR

It’s a wonder how much space a little bundle of human takes up. Here’s an easy way to add a kids clothes rack to the IVAR shelving unit and still have plenty of room to store toys, books and kids stuff.

It’s not always easy to fit a full-sized kids wardrobe into the room. Which is why this hack works so well! It takes up no additional space.

No-screw kids clothes rack on IKEA IVAR

IKEA items used:


How to add a kids clothes rack to IKEA IVAR

First thing is to assemble the IVAR shelving unit, leaving space for hanging clothes.

Then, hang the IVAR hooks on the shelf, I did not screw them in. They are quite a snug fit.


My plan was to hang the clothes rod beneath the shorter IVAR shelf. If you place it on the larger IVAR shelf you probably need 3 hooks or the wood dowel may bend.

Next, measure and cut the wood dowel to fit the space.


To ensure a snug fit, I put a little piece of cardboard on each hook.

Lastly, insert the wood dowel and hang the little dresses!

No-screw kids clothes rack on IKEA IVAR

It is a simple and totally reversible little hack. When your little one grows up a little you can simply move the kids clothes rack to a higher shelf.

~ by Giulia

More ideas for a kids clothes rack

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This EXPEDIT (or KALLAX) works so well in the nursery. Just the right depth for the cute clothes. Leave the middle section out to create a kids clothes rack. See how it’s done here.

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