Triple bunk bed DIY

I hacked a triple bunk bed, by nesting the IKEA TUFFING bunk bed under the loft bed. However, I am unable to take a photo of the finished hack because I do not have access to it. But using IKEA assembly diagrams, I will show you how to build it. I’ve also put in measurements to show why it works.



  • IKEA TUFFING Loft bed frame ($99.00 unit price)
  • IKEA TUFFING Bunk bed frame ($119.00 unit price)
  • Bed Risers ($18.99 but may be cheaper to get from Target or something)
  • Hack saw or any other tool to cut metal (very simple need)
  • Optional: Bunk bed steps (70″+) or on-bed ladder (not pictured)



How to build a triple bunk bed

1. Build IKEA TUFFING loft bed frame following instructions given by IKEA.

2. Place loft bed on bed risers to raise the loft bed higher. This gives greater allowance for the bunk bed below.

3. Cut each of the bottom of the legs of the IKEA TUFFING bunk bed 5.5 inches (just below the bolt holes) using your hack saw. This effectively lowers the bunk bed.

4. Build IKEA TUFFING bunk bed as usual.

5. Nest the IKEA TUFFING bunk bed underneath the IKEA TUFFING loft bed. You’ll need additional hardware to attach the loft bed to the wall.

6. If desired, place steps or ladder where necessary.

If you do not wish to have it nested under the loft bed, you can simply turn the bunk bed at an angle. This (photo below) is using a different type of bed, but the idea is similar. (Not my photo, source)


Also, I did not personally use, but you could use 2 pine Trofast steps and 2 stacked Trofast frames like so to create the steps up to the TUFFING loft bed:

tuffing-triple-bunk-bed-2 tuffing-triple-bunk-bed-3

~ by Sarah

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