Ideas for kitchen paper towel holder

A table top kitchen paper towel holder is a bit of an annoyance, if you ask me. I prefer to keep paper towels off the countertop. And I like a holder that lets me easily reach, pull and tear off paper when needed (usually in the middle of a hot mess!) Here are a few ideas for hanging paper towel holders.

1. FINTORP + Carabiner

This is Anders’ quick and easy fix for a paper towel holder. He used a FINTORP kitchen rail, string and a carabiner.

IKEA fintorp paper towel holder hack

Put a string in a loop with a carabiner in one end. Thread the string around the FINTORP bar and through the paper towel pipe. And that’s it. Release the string from the carabiner when you want to swap out an empty roll.

2. Another FINTORP paper towel holder

FINTORP paper towel holder with shortened rail
Photo: Lady Chaos

Lady Chaos made a classier version of the FINTORP paper towel holder.  She used two FINTORP rails: a longer one for the wall and a shortened one to fit the length of kitchen paper rolls.  On both sides of the longer rail she used FINTORP hooks to hang up the shorter rod. See full tutorial on Lady Chaos. Or similar here.

3. The stand or hang solution from IKEA

IKEA FINTORP paper towel holder stand


The FINTORP paper towel holder from IKEA isn’t a bad idea, as it allows you to use it on the countertop or hang up the rail. My only gripe is you’ll probably need 2 hands to use it in hanging mode. One to keep the holder from swinging and another to tear the paper.

4. BEKVÄM spice and paper rack

BEKVÄM spice rack with paper holder

Moving away from the FINTORP range, you can also add a paper towel holder to the BEKVÄM spice rack. Just attach leather strips to the underside of the BEKVÄM and slot in a rod to hold up the kitchen towels. It’s perfect for the bathroom too, for toilet rolls and reading material. 🙂 Read more.