IKEA catalog 2018: A nod to hacking?

IKEA catalog 2018 A nod to hacking

I’ve received my copy of the IKEA Catalog 2018 (thanks @IKEAMalaysia!) and thought I’d post a quick review — a first look, if you may. The first thing that struck me — IKEA the company, the big blue and yellow, has full-on embraced hacking. In previous catalogs, they may have snuck in a few hacks here and there. But here and now, they are unabashedly professing their love for hacking. In buckets. Shouting from the rooftops kind of thing.

Right there on page 29, it declares, “You’re unique – and your IKEA can be too” and goes on to provide instructions for a number of hacks. A few ways of personalising the IVAR, a tiled LACK side table and a LACK wall shelf decorated with tape. Niceeee!

IKEA catalog 2018 Hacking Ideas

IKEA catalog 2018 Hacking Ideas

A few pages later, the catalog features a room makeover by Maryam Mahdavi, a haute couture designer, turning an old Copenhagen apartment into a glamorous space. Ms. Mahdavi punctuates her design with luxurious hacks — transforming doll houses with generous amounts of gold and high gloss spray paint, recovering lamp shades with luxe fabrics, creating an indulgent boudoir with SANELA curtains and a children’s bed canopy. The modern day Marie Antoinette would feel right at home.

IKEA catalog 2018 Maryam Mahdavi

And of course, the DELAKTIG sofa, an ambitious collaboration with Tom Dixon to create the world’s first hackable sofa. “This is how it works:” it says in the write-up, “the platform is built in a way so that you, or anyone, can easily personalise the product by adding a headboard, a pillow, a lamp or maybe table that turns it into a workstation. Accessories and add-ons will also be available at IKEA, as well as in Tom Dixon’s stores.” Truth be told, I’m really watching the DELAKTIG and I can’t wait to see the add-ons and accessories that will result from this. This is right up our alley, folks.

IKEA catalog 2018 Delaktig Tom Dixon collaboration

The other thing that thrills me is how IKEA is working with other design companies. Like HAY. This makes me love IKEA even more, as they again demonstrate their genuine desire to democratise design, share knowledge and information. They become better at what they do by way of learning from others. And vice versa, I believe. The dynamic duo behind HAY has already given a new spin on the infamous IKEA blue bag (which I love. It’s way better than this). The YPPERLIG range looks promising — especially the sofa-bed — and I look forward to seeing it in person. October, come faster.

IKEA catalog 2018 Hay YPPERLIG

And with that, it concludes my first impressions. I’ll be writing a bit more on the catalog as I dive into the details. But for now, I must say the new IKEA catalog is brimming with inspo. And it’s making want to run out and get some new stuff, especially the cute range of accessories like the MYRHEDEN frame. *heart*

As always, the catalog does a fantastic job of showcasing the latest and best from IKEA. Not only that, each page draws you in to a vision of how you can use your space to live the life you want. I like the ideas on multi-tasking spaces, carving out niches for the people in your life and things that you love to do. So far so good.

The IKEA Catalog 2018 will be in Malaysian stores from Sept 18 onwards. Check out the online version here (US version here).


And while I was still trying to get through the entire catalog, the amazing Yanjaa has taken it to a whole new level. She memorised the entire catalog. Yes, memorised every-single-detail. She is the living breathing human catalog. Just give me 1% of her memory power …

Born in Mongolia, raised in Sweden, educated in Kenya and now living in Texas, she’s as culturally versatile as IKEA’s furniture. At just 23, Yanjaa is currently the highest-ranked female memory world champion.

Check her in action here. Prepare to pick your jaw up from the floor.

What’s your take on the IKEA catalog 2018? Let me know in the comments below.

This post is in collaboration with IKEA Malaysia. But opinions are entirely my own.