A shovel holder & 4 fantastic ideas for the VURM wine rack

Just sharing an idea I had. I had two unused VURM 4-bottle wine racks from IKEA and I’ve decided to use them as a shovel holder. Here you can see the photo from my garage how it works. I am using it for couple of weeks with no issues.

IKEA VURM wine bottle rack as shovel holder

~ by Jozef

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boots and clog storage vurm wine rack

Boots and clogs always on the floor, taking up too much space? Hilde fixed the VURM wine rack, sideways, beneath the window sill to hang up boots and clogs. No more searching for the matching pair and there’s more room to walk. Read more.

towel rack vurm wine rack

Zieak hung the VURM wine rack in the bathroom to store rolled up hand towels and hang up two bath towels. See the details.

lamp base vurm wine rack

Marta took two VURM wine rack and made it into a lamp base. Add a pretty lampshade and you will have a new original lamp. See how it’s done.

magazine holder

When you need to save every bit of floor space in your toilet, you’ll hardly have space for a floor hogging magazine rack. The VURM 4-bottle wine rack was the perfect vertical solution. Unroll and read. Read more.

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