12 surprising ways to use the IKEA VURM wine rack

ikea vurm wine rack herb garden

The IKEA VURM 4-bottle wine rack is a wonderful product and we mean, not just for wine. Made from stainless steel, it looks great and is a solid rack sturdy enough to hold up 4 wine bottles.

It can be wall mounted or placed on its back. This wall mounted feature has led to many clever uses of the VURM wine rack.

Pick up one or two VURM racks on your next IKEA visit and try out any one of these easy IKEA hacks at home.

12 IKEA VURM wine rack hacks

1. Shovel and broom holder

IKEA VURM wine bottle rack as shovel holder

Jozef has this brilliant idea of using two unused IKEA VURM 4-bottle wine racks as a shovel holder. The photo from his garage how it works. All you need to do is install the two wine racks space apart, at a distance suitable for the shovels. Install the racks onto the wall using suitable wall fixings and into wall studs. He’s been using it for a while now with no issues.

2. Wall mounted boot and clogs rack

boots and clog storage hack using the IKEA VURM wine rack

Boots and clogs always on the floor, taking up too much space? Hilde fixed the VURM wine rack, sideways, beneath the window sill to hang up boots and clogs. Boots, even the small ones, and clogs will hang by the rack. No more searching for the matching pair and there’s more room to walk.

3. Wine rack towel holder

IKEA VURM wine rack used as towel holder

Zieak hung the IKEA VURM wine rack in the bathroom using four over-sized stainless steel screws. The VURM rack is installed on the wall near the shower. The best configuration, he says, seems to be rolling up two hand towels and hanging two bath towels. 

4. Sculptural Table Lamp

table lamp base hack vurm wine rack

Marta took two VURM wine rack and fastened them back to back with screws. This became a table lamp base. Add a pretty lampshade and you will have a new original lamp.

5. Newspaper and magazine rack

IKEA VURM wine rack used as magazine holder

When you need to save every bit of floor space in your toilet, you’ll hardly have space for a floor hogging magazine rack. The VURM 4-bottle wine rack was the perfect vertical solution. LondonBoy installed the rack on the wall but had to had to cut it slightly to accommodate an exposed pipe running on the wall. Roll your mags and newspapers and slot them in.

6. Antique barn wood VURM wine rack

Antique barn wood style for stainless steel ikea bottle holder

SageFiv balanced out the metal of the VURM with antique barn wood. Get old barn wood from your hardware store cut to the size you want and fasten the planks on the wall. Then, hang the VURM wine rack directly on top of the wood. Totally changes its looks and your wine bottles become a wall decoration.

7. Hanging herb garden rack hack

Sarah and Nick turned an unused VURM wine rack into a hanging herb garden rack. They got a few tapered drinking glasses with a brim wide enough for the VURM slots. Then, filled the glasses with pebbles at the base for drainage and then potting soil. Now they hold some of their favorite herbs. (If your plants need more drainage, swap the glass for plastic bottles with holes at the bottom.)

8. Paper roll holder

Pracownia demonstrates how the curved bottle slots are perfect for paper and fabric rolls. Possibly art tubes too. If you have longer rolls, use two or more VURM wine racks to suspend the tubes. A great addition for craft room organization.

9. Stationery caddy

Another kids art table or craft room storage solution for small items. Slot pint glasses (or a pencil cup for kids) into the bottle holder and fill them with stationery or craft supplies.

10. Rolling pin collection display

Jessica Vu used the IKEA wine rack to display her collection of prized rolling pins. To prevent any scuffing of the pins against the metal edges, Jessica added automobile door edge banding to the curves for a layer of cushioning.

11. Curling iron storage

Install a VURM wine rack next to your makeup vanity and use it to store all your hot styling tools. Easily accessible everytime you need to use it.

12. Bathroom storage

A wall hung rack for bathroom storage. Place mason jars into the wine rack and fill them up with cotton buds, facial pads and other bathroom essentials.

Jules Yap