18 unusual IKEA table lamp hacks and ideas to try at home

LEKMAN box lampshade

We love IKEA for its affordability and how you can mix and match lamp stand with different lamp shades. That’s part of the fun of IKEA but there are times, you want a table lamp that’s totally unique, totally you.

Take a look at these 18 IKEA table lamp hacks and how each IKEA hacker personalised regular IKEA lighting fixtures into one-of-a-kind lighting pieces.

They may not all be your style, but they are sure to make you take a second look.

Unusual lamp base ideas

Terrarium lamp with a miniature garden

IKEA table lamp hacks with terrarium

Light up that little garden of yours with a terrarium lamp hack. You’ll need a TVÄRS lamp and a pair of scissors to snip off the legs. Glue the lamp shade on to the terrarium jar lid and there you have it.

IKEA table lamp hack featuring vintage camera

IKEA table lamp hacks with vintage camera as a lamp stand

Kala loves photography and got her hands on an old Canon AE-1 35mm camera. Rather than sticking it in a display cabinet, she wanted it to have pride of place in her home. After meticulously hacking the IKEA tripod lamp (LAUTERS), it is now a cool conversation piece in her living room. The camera is undamaged and can be removed from the lamp should she ever want to use it. And she knitted together 35mm slides to form the shade. The end result is a dramatic vintage lamp showcasing a beloved item.

Bottle rack lamp stand hack

Marta Chao Cifuentes constructed this lamp using two VURM bottle racks, fastening them together with some screws. She then added a pretty wood grain lampshade for a new original lamp.

IKEA Candlesticks as lamp stand

Beatrice was inspired by a table lamp from West Elm and went the DIY route to make it happen. She bought two candlesticks (one from IKEA and another from Michael’s) and a long drill bit (3/18″) to drill through the center of the two candlesticks. Then she spray painted the unfinished wooden candlestick holder from Michael’s. She lightly sprayed the same spray paint on the IKEA candlestick so it would match colors. Lastly, she installed the lamp kit and used super glue to fix the two candlestick holders together. Put on a lampshade and voilà! A unique bedside lamp.

Unique IKEA table lamp shade hacks

Light up with a limited edition baseball cap lamp

baseball cap as DIY lampshade

This IKEA hack was concocted out of a used cap sample from Hansel’s Captain Cheese collection and a second-hand lamp stand from IKEA. Hansel, a Singaporean fashion brand, was invited to take part in an exhibition called Utterrubbish, which was a witty review of recycling and recourse through design, an ironic look at how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Hansel designer Jo Soh decided to look into re-appropriating the use and role of clothing as furniture, hence the Cap Table Lamp.

Box as DIY lamp shade

For a Valentine’s event, this IKEA hacker turned the red LEKMAN storage boxes into lampshade centerpieces by placing them upside down to rest on top of tall glass vases. She put flowers in the vases and lit the LEKMAN boxes from inside with battery powered LED lights. The resulting centerpieces were hip and unusual, and no one could believe they were IKEA storage bins. For a bit of fun, she added provocative phrases on each box.

IKEA rattan lamp shade you never thought of

IKEA rattan table lamp hacks

A BRANÄS basket used to create a warm, atmospheric light fixture. It’s probably the simplest IKEA lamp hack ever. First, get the separate bottom piece and place a light socket on it. Tape it in place. Place the assembled sides of the box upside down on to the bottom piece, with the power cable going through one of the handle openings. On the inside attach some tracing paper to reduce glare and create an even glow. An IKEA basket light that’s cheap and easy to DIY.

Globe light of a different kind

ping pong balls as lampshade

All you need to recreate this hack by Konrad are ping pong balls and one of the table lamp bases from IKEA. The balls are glued together on an old IKEA lamp shade ring and then spray painted, which means you can personalise with your favourite color!

Quaint cross stitch for the IKEA LAMPAN lamp

cross stitch on IKEA LAMPAN lamp

Anat of Anenet Studio used cross stitch to upgrade the otherwise plain white IKEA lampshade on the LAMPAN lamp. It takes a bit of work making all those little holes for the pattern. After that, you’ll need to lightly sand it down to scrub out the plastic bits. Finish with the embroidery using regular embroidery floss and a needle for a floral cross stitch lamp.

Cute kids room lamps

IKEA MAMMUT globe lamp

IKEA table lamp hacks with MAMMUT stool leg

You probably love the MAMMUT table and chairs for the kids room but did you know you can hack the stool into a lamp? Rosandra thought out of the box to create this kids room ball lamp. She sawed the end part of a MAMMUT chair leg and drilled a small hole at the bottom of the leg with an awl. Then, she put a lamp cord through the leg, coming out to the top. The last step was to attach the plug at the end of the cord and screw in a bulb. Make sure to use plastic LED bulbs for less heat and safety.

Kitty Lamp with IKEA FADO

FADO lamp with cat face

To make this adorable Kitty lamp you need a FADO lamp from IKEA and 2 small packs of FIMO soft clay (polymer clay). For the face, you need pastel pink paint, a black Posca pen (or any other pen suitable for glass painting) and a touch of white glitter for the cheeks, if you like. First, roll the polymer clay into two ear-shaped triangles and use a bit of glue to fix them on top of the FADO lamp. Then, draw the eyes, nose and mouth. If you make a mistake, just spray some glass cleaner on a cloth, and carefully wipe away the Posca pen lines. And try again until you end up with a face you love. Fill a round foam brush with pink paint and dab firmly onto the glass for the cheeks. Sprinkle with glitter and you’re done.

Miffy lamp hack

This Rosandra’s version of a Miffy lamp using the famous FADO lamp from IKEA. It’s really easy too. Just cut out two large ears from a white cardboard and glue them on the FADO lamp. Then draw two dots and a cross with a black Sharpie.

Creative IKEA table lamp hacks

Turtle shaped table lamp

Blanda BLANK bowls into light fixture

Giovanni created a sculptural lamp shaped like a turtle. He used the BLANDA BLANK steel serving bowls, with the biggest bowl as the lamp base. The smaller bowl is positioned as the bulb holder. He made a hole in the steel bowls using a drill with a steel drill bit. Then joined the two bowls by fastening the lamp holder together. The bulb is the LEDARE LED lamp E27 1000 lumen.

IKEA Owl lamp in stone

SOLBO owl light with stone coating

Turn the ordinary IKEA SOLBO owl lamp into a stone sculpture. It looks awesome as a gift or a home decor piece. When the lamps are lit, they look beautiful with a unique translucent stone texture. Here’s the process.

Industrial style IKEA desk lamp

IKEA desk lamp hacks with RANARP clamp light

Yann Dupuy made a cement base (use a rectangle plastic container to mix), wooden stand and adjustable arm for the RANARP wall/ clamp spotlight. A beautiful modification of the clamp spotlight into an industrial style reading lamp for his home office.

Adjustable lamp with stain steel shade

Blanda Blank bowl adjustable floor lamp

Tim Castelijn use the BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowl as a shade in this finely crafted lamp. The lamp stand and arm is constructed from salvaged SULTAN LADE bedframe and can be adjustable from 1.2 as a desk lamp to 1.6m high as a floor lamp.

Vintage style table lamp

DIY vintage piano lamp

Chris made this vintage style piano lamp using the IKEA ÅRSTID wall art picture light and an IKEA 365+ bamboo lid. Looks perfect! And works great as a desk light too.

Multicolor GRÖNÖ lamp to suit every mood

mulitcolor GRONO lamp

Whether you want something cool or warm, this GRÖNÖ lamp hack has it covered.

Which is your favorite IKEA table lamp hack? Tell us in the comments below. Or if you have your own IKEA table lamp hacks to share, do send them in. We love to see them.