Hackers Help: Long Adjustable Legs for KALLAX Desk?

IKEA Items Used:

  • KALLAX 6 x 6 shelf unit
  • LINNMON table top
  • LINNMON attaching hardware
  • and two legs TBD

I would like to attach a table to the KALLAX shelving, but I want to attach it to the third shelf, not the second as is done on the KALLAX workstations, to make it a standing height workstation. I am trying to figure out which legs to use since none of them seem to be long enough. Do IKEA make a leg that is approximately 43” (110 mm) high with some adjustability, since I’m not sure of the exact height needed?

Long Adjustable Legs for KALLAX Desk?

Apologies for the perspective issues; they photographed the two products at different angles, but I hope the idea comes across.

~ Holly D


Hi Holly

You can try the GERTON adjustable leg. It goes up to a maximum height of 107 cm. You can sandwich a 3 cm thick piece of wood between the table top and the leg brackets to increase the height to 110 cm. ~ Jules

Long Adjustable Legs for KALLAX Desk?