Hackers Help: DIY Sofa Room Divider Bookcase?

I really like this idea for a room divider bookcase, with space for extra book storage.

Sofa Room Divider Bookcase

Can anyone suggest a bookshelf that will go behind the IKEA KIVIK sofa?

BESTÅ is out of my price range, and KALLAX isn’t long enough.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help.



Hi K

Since the BESTÅ is out of the price range, let’s look at more affordable pieces. As for KALLAX (or if you can score an old EXPEDIT), you could try this.

The narrow BILLY bookshelf is a possibility. But you’ll need to do a bit of hacking. Lay the BILLY bookshelf on the side. If it’s not long enough for your sofa, add a BILLY extension. Secure the extension to the short side of the BILLY. Then wrap the entire BILLY with MDF. Add casters to the bottom. It does not look exactly the same as your inspiration photo but it makes a lovely room divider bookcase too.

This sofa room divider bookcase project is featured in the IKEAhackers book.

Sofa Room Divider Bookcase

Another option would be use a few LACK TV units to get the length that you want. Use straight brackets at various points on the legs to secure the units to each other.

Sofa Room Divider Bookcase with LACK TV bench

Then add on ply wood panels to cover the top half of the back of the units to get the similar effect as the inspiration photo.

Third idea would be to try it with the HYLLIS shelving unit like this.

HYLLIS sofa room divider bookcase

Soffia’s version gives the Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn-ish industrial vibe. But you can certainly style it for a more Scandinavian look. Read more.

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