Shoe shelf for small spaces

Even in the slimmest of landing spaces, you can squeeze in a bit of storage for shoes. Farida shows us how to hang up a few decent pairs even in a tight spot, using a few RIBBA picture ledges and knobs.

Shoe shelf for small spaces

IKEA items used:

Mount the RIBBA picture ledges on the wall or any space you want to place your shoe shelf.

Shoe shelf for small spaces

Shoe shelf for small spaces

Measure the shoes when placed together so you know how far apart you should place the LOSJÖN knobs.

You should be able to fit 3 pair of shoes on one RIBBA shelves of 55cm.

Shoe shelf for small spaces

Note: The RIBBA picture ledge is discontinued (available on Amazon) but you can use the MOSSLANDA to achieve the same hack.

~ by Farida

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