How to DIY Easy Change Artwork Frames with IKEA picture frames

Love your kids art work? Don’t file them away. Display them with this easy change artwork frame using affordable IKEA picture frames. Swapping out new artwork need not be a hassle anymore.

You can use any other picture frames you may already have at home for these IKEA hacks.

The whole idea of this project is to modify the IKEA picture frame to allow you to change the focal piece as often as you like, without having to take the frame down. Let’s look at 2 ways to do just that.

Kids Art Display Box: 10 min IKEA hack to store & show your kids art

easy change artwork frames IKEA hack

I love my child’s artwork and paintings. I love to keep the good ones and show them. This kids art display box allows me to save the paintings, show them, easily change the piece on display and, in general, give them the right attention.

The idea of the kids art display box itself is not mine. I already had two boxes like this made of wood I bought for my elder daughters many years ago. So, I wanted to add two more boxes but could not find it anywhere.

Since I was looking for these boxes for a long time, it was so fun to find out how easy and cheap it was to make them myself.

The box keeps the paintings (A4 gets in easily) and the first painting stands nicely in the frame thanks to the backer board.

The project itself takes about 10min.

IKEA items used:

HEJSAN Box set of 3 (using only the big box)
FISKBO Picture Frame 8.5×11″ (size discontinued. Try the YLLEVAD 8 ¼ x 11 ¾” frame instead)

HEJSAN | Photo:
FISKBO frame
FISKBO | Photo:

Other materials and tools:

Good scissors
Utility knife
Hot glue gun
Drill and screws for hanging

How to hack IKEA easy change artwork frames:

First, take the big box from the HEJSAN pack of 3 boxes. Set the other 2 boxes aside for other projects. Then, cut about 1/3 from the top of the yellow cover. (I used knife for that).

easy change artwork frames IKEA hack: cut the HEJSAN box

Next, you’ll need to cut the slot. On the long side of the box (without the yellow covering), mark where you want to cut. I used the existing square grids on the box as a guide, leaving 2 squares on the long side and a little more then one square from the sides.

easy change artwork frames IKEA hack: cut the slot

From the discarded rectangle, cut 4 little squares (1.5×1″) and glue them with hot glue on two places at the top of the back of the box. I measured about 2″ from each side. I used two layers of cardboard on each spot. This is needed to reinforce the spot where you will hang the box. (If you choose to mount the box differently you can skip this step.) On these spots, drill a large hole and right above it, a small hole, to form an inverted keyhole. The larger hole will allow the screw head to pass through and the smaller hole to lock the screw into position.

Next step is to glue the yellow cover to the sides of the box with hot glue.

Hang the frame on the wall with screws

Take off the FISKBO black backer board and leave only the frame and the clear plastic. (Make sure to remove the protective sticker from both sides of the clear plastic.)

Side view of kids art display box
easy change artwork frames IKEA hack - store and display kids art

Finally, glue the FISKBO frame to the yellow cover on three sides, leaving the top portion open to slot in an artwork.

And your kids art display box is done.

The final step is to drill two screws to the wall to fit the holes you already created.

Kids art display box: 10 min hack to store & show your kids art
easy change artwork frames IKEA hack: 10 min hack to store & show your kids art

How to mount the easy change artwork IKEA frames

Hanging the frames can be done with many other ways. I found it comfortable to drill two screws to the wall in a way I can take off the box and put it back. This is definitely not a must. It can be screwed straight to the wall or glued to it.

~ by Merav Ziv-Ari

DIY Slide-In Artwork Frame IKEA hack

easy change artwork frames IKEA hack - slide in picture frame

An IKEA hack using the inexpensive frame (IKEA NYTTJA) turning an empty spot in our kitchen wall into a gallery wall. It was an quick DIY which made it so easy to display kids artwork.

The frame has the size for A4 papers, and fits most of the drawings produced by our kids. You can use it for photographs instead or recipes even. The point is, it’s an easy change photo frame. No more boring, static wall art!

Supplies required: 

NYTTJA frame (discontinued. Try the YLLEVAD 8 ¼ x 11 ¾” frame instead)
Wooden square dowel

Tools needed:

Cutter knife


Step 1: Measure the width of the IKEA frame and saw the wooden dowels to size. You’ll need to cut 2 pieces for the width and 1 strip of wood for the height of the photo frame.

Step 2: Glue the cut square dowels onto the backside of the picture frame. Leave one short end open. I used wood glue for this.

Step 3: Remove the mounting board of the frame and pull out all the metal clips that are supposed to hold the photo in place.

Step 4: Keep the acrylic front. Fix the plastic film with contact adhesive to the back of the frame.

Step 5: Paint the wooden dowels in black paint to match the frame.

Step 6: To finish it, make a new back piece out of black cardboard with a hole for hanging the photo frame. The size should be as large as the IKEA picture frame. Then glue this new piece onto the wooden dowels.

Hang it up on your wall with suitable wall fixtures.

Drawings can be pushed into it from the side where you left it open. And the drawings can be changed as often as they get produced. If you use a thicker dowel, you may be able to store a few more art pieces in there but the slide-in art display box may be heavier.

I intend to make a few more to create a small art wall to display our kids’ art pieces.

~ by Lilla a