Hackers Help: Better to assemble – then paint, or paint, then assemble?

We have purchased an IKEA HEMNES cabinet in black-brown color. We want to paint it to match two HEMNES bookshelves stained dark grey. We have found a Sherwin-Williams paint (Tynewood) which is almost an exact color match (ie close enough).

HEMNES dresser black brown
HEMNES dresser | IKEA.com

My Question:

Is it better to assemble – then paint, or paint, then assemble?


~ by Jim Webb


Hi Jim

My take on this is to paint before assembly. For one it’s much easier. You can just lay everything flat on the floor and go over with a paint roller, without worrying about not getting into the nooks and crannies.

Just be careful not to get paint into all the holes for screws, dowels, bolts and nuts, which may make it harder to slot the hardware into position.

Happy painting,



Jules Yap