Hackers Help: Need some platform bed ideas


I saw this loft bed which is perfect for my space.

Hackers Help: Need some platform bed ideas

I would like it in full and am wondering how do I go about finding out more information as it wasn’t linked to the original source on Pinterest.

Thank you,


Hi Rick,

I can’t help you with the original source or exact configuration but here are a few platform bed ideas you can hack from IKEA items. Hope they are along the lines of what you are looking for.

Platform bed ideas

#1 SEKTION platform bed

Platform bed ideas

Chris took seven standard SEKTION kitchen cabinets from IKEA and turned them into a platform bed with storage underneath. It’s a perfect solution for anyone with limited closet or attic space. See how it is done.

#2 FAKTUM platform bed

Hackers Help: Need some platform bed ideas

This one uses the old kitchen system, FAKTUM, but you can achieve something similar with SEKTION or METOD cabinets. See how it’s done.

#3 Loft bed with den

Hackers Help: Need some platform bed ideas

Don’t throw the IKEA AKURUM kitchen cabinets away just yet. They can be turned into an ingenious loft bed with den and plenty of underloft storage. Ada repurposes the 15″ AKURUM cabinets into stairs and the 24″ ones into storage. The old closet is stripped away and the loft bed built into the nook, taking advantage of the room’s height and maximizing storage space. It turned out nothing less than impressive. Get the details.

Hope it triggers some ideas for you.

Happy hacking,