Bathroom tiles for House 17: Finding the right combo

I have a confession. I’ve never ever bought bathroom tiles before this. And I did not know that buying tiles could be such a mind-boggling process.

When House17 came along, the bathrooms were fairly decent and at first, I did not plan to renovate them. I didn’t mind the colourful mosaic, even the beige floor tile.

house 17 bathroom tiles before
house 17 bathroom tiles before
house 17 bathroom tiles before

Except for one thing.

house 17 bathroom tiles before

This row of stones, cast in concrete! Ugh. What were they thinking? Can I live with them? I probably could but then I thought, why should I?

The stones were laid in all 3 bathrooms. I wanted to remove the stones alone but my contractor said it would break the waterproofing seal and I would risk a leak. Or I could just redo the floor tiles and leave the walls. Long story short, I decided to demo 2 bathrooms and leave one untouched. (Yup, the stones are still in that one.)

When I was certain my bathroom tiles were going, I reached out to Feruni Ceramiche to collaborate on this project. The reason I chose Feruni was simple. Their tiles are gorgeous! And happily for me, they said yes!

Thus shopping for bathroom tiles began

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