Hackers Help: Name of this bentwood armchair?

Hello! My husband and I inherited this IKEA bentwood armchair (ID#14552) from his family when we moved into the old family home years ago (it was left behind by his parents in a cross-country move). We’ve almost tossed it multiple times because it’s so darn uncomfortable, but those bentwood arms have saved it every time. They’re beautiful!

IKEA bentwood armchair

I’ve decided it’s time to hack this chair to determine if it can stay in our living room or needs to be passed along to another home. What I’m wondering before I begin is — which IKEA chair is this, and has anyone hacked it before? Would love to see examples of what others have come up with.

IKEA bentwood armchair IKEA bentwood armchair

My current plan is to sew faux leather cushions for the seat and backrest which I’ll affix via straps that wrap around the metal bars holding the canvas. Somewhat like this DWR Finn Outdoor Lounge Chair.

DWR FINN outdoor lounge chair

DWR FINN outdoor lounge chair
Photo: DWR.com Finn Lounge Chair

Thanks all for any input!!


Hey Kelly

You are right! The bentwood armchair is a beauty and I’m glad you’ve decided to give it another chance. Unfortunately, I don’t know its name. But I hope some IKEA hackers readers will have a clue to its origins. 

Let us know if you do successfully hack it. We’ll love to see how it turns out.



Jules Yap