Q: Make a twin-sized NORDLI storage bed from queen-sized bed frame?

Is anyone familiar with the queen-sized NORDLI storage bed that could give any advice as to whether the footboard/headboard can be shortened and turned into a twin?

NORDLI queen bed with storage

Photo: IKEA.com

I have a small space and want a low twin bed with drawers on both sides, and there is nothing out there! But I noticed that the NORDLI drawers are only about 20 inches deep, and was wondering if there would be any way I can just shorten the sides to make it a twin? Thanks!

~ by Laura


Hi Laura

IKEA sells a NORDLI twin bed (with 3 drawers) in some countries. Too bad it’s unavailable where you are.

NORDLI twin bed with storage

Photo: IKEA.com

I took a look at the assembly instructions and I think your idea is possible.

Here’s how to hack a queen-sized NORDLI bed into a twin:

The plan is to free the drawer sections from the middle slatted section. This will leave you with two drawer sections that become supports for the bed.

First, get the piece of headboard and footboard and cut off the middle section. Do inspect the pieces properly so you do not cut off the holes for the screws and plugs that are necessary for the construction of the drawer sections. Set the cut sections aside.


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Assemble the left and right drawer sections and you now have two 3-drawer units. You can simply push the two units together and lay twin bed slats on top. (Or, you can shorten the NORDLI bed slats accordingly and use them.) And there you have it! A twin bed with 6-drawers.


But if the gaps in front and the back bother you, cover it up. First, measure the gap. Then, shorten the removed section of the headboard and footboard accordingly. Use metal braces to fasten the wood pieces to the drawer units from the inside. Caulk the joints and paint the entire piece for a seamless finish.

Alternatively, you can get a new piece of wood spanning the entire width of the bed and cover it up. It could turn out to be a beautiful design element. So have fun with it.

Good luck on the project. Do share when it’s done.

Happy hacking,


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