DIY Server Cabinet using IKEA parts

My hack is a DIY server cabinet using IKEA STUVA and BESTÅ frames. Obviously, the first thing I needed to do was to get an equipment rack but the more important consideration here is the WAF.

IKEA items used:
  • IKEA STUVA frame (60x50x128 cm)
  • IKEA BESTÅ frame (60x20x64 cm)
  • Soft close hinges for GLASSVIK doors
DIY IKEA Server Cabinet
Other materials:

I took a trip to IKEA and found out that the IKEA STUVA range is actually quite perfect for what I need. I bought the larger cabinet for AUD $70 at that time. This comes in white. Matches the wall colour. Wife is happy.

I also chanced upon 2 of the IKEA GLASSVIK doors with smoke glass at the “As-Is” corner, selling for AUD $28 each. The GLASSVIK doors are intended to fit the BESTÅ frames but these will also perfectly fit the STUVA.

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Then I needed the hinges as the doors do not come with one. These cost me $10 for a 2-pack. So total cost for 2 doors is $20.

The IKEA STUVA with dimension 600mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 1280mm (H) is just nice for me to insert the Samson universal rack into the cabinet. But alas it is not quite deep enough. With doors fitted to the STUVA, I can just close the door but it is just too tight for comfort. I would like another 150mm spare space at the back of the cabinet for cablings and the like.

To add depth, I bought 2 of the BESTÅ frame 600mm (W) x 200mm (D) x 640mm (H). I figured if I could stack these 2 frames one on top another, I will get 1280mm (H) which is exactly what the STUVA frame is. So I reckon I could Frankenstein the 3 pieces together to fit the rack better. So rightly or wrongly that is what I thought at the time.

DIY IKEA server cabinet instructions

First thing I did was to cut a piece of laminated pine board to size. The plan was to fasten the STUVA frame and the BESTÅ frames on the same level footing.

Next, I fastened the BESTÅ frame base and STUVA frame base onto the pine wood board and assembled the rest of the wall pieces to the bases.

DIY IKEA Server Cabinet

I also reinforced the internal side walls using some flat metal brackets.

DIY IKEA Server Cabinet

The back panel particleboard did not fully cover the bottom part of the rack. That turned out fine because that is where my cables enter into the rack.

I drill a 20mm hole at the top left for the cabling connection to my router which I wanted to place outside of the rack.

DIY IKEA Server Cabinet

Then, I installed the GLASSVIK doors.

The last thing was to insert the universal rack stand into the server cabinet.

DIY IKEA Server Cabinet

See complete tutorial of the DIY server cabinet here.

~ by Joseph Lo