Hackers Help: Best HEMNES Finish for Hacking?

Finally taking the plunge on my first IKEA hack! I am looking to switch up the look of two new HEMNES dressers that I will buy for this purpose. One will probably just be done with chalk paint, while the other I hope to combine gel stained drawer fronts with paint on the dresser frame (white or a slate blue).

What is the best HEMNES finish to buy if you know you’re going to hack it? I thought the white stain might be easiest as it doesn’t have the hard coat the painted HEMNES has?

Best Hemnes Finish for Hacking?

If I go for white frame and wood tone drawer fronts though, would it be best to have the white painted version and just put in the extra elbow grease to change up the fronts? Any general “rules of thumb” for selection of hack items much appreciated. I hope to be doing more in the coming months.

Thanks for your input!

~ by Lisa


Hi Lisa

Glad you are taking the plunge into the world of IKEA hacking. I’m sure you’ll have fun.

I would suggest getting the white stained HEMNES finish, as that is made of solid pine vs. the white one, which is made of particleboard. It is always easier to handle actual wood than particleboard and the layer of acrylic paint on top. If you make any mistake with the paint job, you can easily sand off the pine and repaint. Not so easy with particleboard.

hemnes stain removal

You can get some excellent tips from this post on removing the stain for your drawer fronts.

Here’s another excellent hack if you’re going for the two-toned look, though in reverse of your concept.

hemnes mid century styled cabinetHope it help. Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,