Indoor plant needs light? Try this Plant Tray / Display with Light

One Plant Tray / Display board with Light

Both my husband and I love plants, but there are a few places in the house that really don’t get enough light for them to thrive – so there was a bit of a brainwave. After picking up some cheap Fuku Bonsai, we found out that all they need is a few hours of visible spectrum light – which they can get from an LED lamp….and a hack was born! Everyone that sees it wants one – and they only take about 30 minutes to make one plant tray /display board at most.

  • (1) JANSJÖ light with base
  • (1) FASCINERA chopping board
  • (6) Stick on cork feet to keep it up off the tabletop (and so you don’t have to countersink the screws).
  • (1) Fuku Bonsai from Aldi (or your local nursery)

How to make a plant tray / display board

Take the JANSJÖ out of the box. Throw away the base but keep the screws.

Drill some pilot holes and screw the base mounting screws through the bottom of the FASCINERA chopping board.

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Add a few cork feet and you won’t have to countersink the screws at all. Plug it in, and that’s it.

One Plant Tray / Display board with Light

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We added a Fuku Bonsai from Aldi but you could add any small plant that needs a bit of daylight – a few hours a day will keep it nice and green and healthy even in a dim room – plus it looks pretty. ?

~ by Carley and Aaron