Weekend project: Make a Cozy Corner for your Cat

I decided to hack this item because I live in a small apartment and wanted to have a space for my cat. My cat corner is an easy way to store all of his things without taking up a lot of room.

My favorite thing about this hack is that the litter is concealed. It helps mask the smell and isn’t all that noticeable. You can also make it unique to your pet — which I think is really great.

IKEA items used:
  • KALLAX Shelf Unit
  • DRONA Box
  • LURVIG Cat House
  • LURVIG Place Mat For Food Bowl
  • LURVIG Cat Toy
  • KALLAX Insert With Door
Other materials and tools:

Hack instructions for cozy cat corner:

1. Buy KALLAX shelf unit as well as the KALLAX insert with door.

Weekend project: Make a Cozy Cat Corner

2. If you are interested in other accessories IKEA now has a pet line. This is where I bought the cat house, cat toy, and placemat for the food bowl.

3. I followed the directions as normal in assembling the KALLAX shelving unit. The only step I skipped was leaving out one of the dividers so that the shelf has two rows at the top and one row at the bottom.

Weekend project: Make a Cozy Cat Corner

4. Once the shelf was completed I followed the instructions to insert the door. I used scissors to cut off one of the panels, that way the cat could access the litter box. It could also be effective to cut a hole into the panel rather than cut it off, but I wanted to have enough space to change and clean litter.
* I didn’t do this step but I imagine it would be helpful to reinforce the door by gluing the back panel to the shelf.

Weekend project: Make a Cozy Cat Corner Weekend project: Make a Cozy Cat Corner

5. After that, I put all of the accessories Into the shelf. It is big enough to store his food, litter, and toys. I also placed a carpet in the bottom part to avoid the mess from the litter.

The price for my cat corner was also very affordable.
  • KALLAX shelf unit: $38.99
  • DRONA box: $3.99
  • LURVIG cat house: $5.99
  • KALLAX insert with door: $17.99
  • LURVIG cat toy: $2.99
  • LURVIG placemat: $.99

Overall I only spent about $70.00. This was a good price considering the ready-made cat furniture I was researching cost over $100.00. The only additional items I bought were the blanket for the cat bed as well as the carpet and mat for the cat litter.

The hardest part about this hack is inserting the door. It doesn’t seem to screw into the unit that well. I would add some extra reinforcement if it seems to be coming loose.

~ by Samantha Webster