Bite into a vegan hot dog at IKEA US and UK

Bite into a vegan hot dog at IKEA US and UK

Something tasty is happening all across the UK and US. Today the vegan hot dog hits IKEA stores all over UK and the US. Even though it took 37 years after the regular hot dog to arrive we’re rejoicing nonetheless.

IKEA started testing vegan hot dog recipes earlier this year at their Malmö store and rolled out the final version across European stores last month. The plant-based goodie exceeded forecasted sales by selling over one million hot dogs to date, as reported in Forbes.

Bite into a vegan hot dog at IKEA US and UK

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The new vegan hot dog is made from a vegan recipe, with ingredients that include kale, red lentils, carrots, and ginger. IKEA Food Services did caution that the hot dog bun can differ from market to market and in some, it may not be vegan. In some IKEA markets, the bun is also suitable for vegans.

It comes topped with pickled red cabbage, sweet and spicy mustard, and toasted onions. And it sells for only $0.75. That’s a mouth-watering price, for sure.


As for other countries, as usual, there is no news when we’ll get to sample it. If ever.

So for you lucky people out there, have you tried IKEA’s vegan hot dog yet? Let us know what you think.

Photos: INTER IKEA B.V 2018