DIY Chocolate Easter Bunny – The sweetest IKEA flatpack is back

IKEA is famous for a lot of things like its super handy blue bagsfunny furniture names and meatballs. But most of all, it’s synonymous with self-assembly. And now, the Swedish furniture store’s sweetest self-assembly flat pack is back.

chocolate easter bunny ikea

A DIY chocolate easter bunny!

IKEA brought back the VÅRKÄNSLA in time for Easter. Unlike its other flatpacks filled with pine or particleboard, this one opens up to 3 pieces of milk chocolate. Then, true to IKEA form, you’ll need to assemble it before you get to enjoy the end product — a tasty chocolate easter bunny.

But fret not, assembly is easy. No tools needed. And the only skill you need is the ability to delay self-gratification. Which is probably the hardest bit of the assembly.

However one reviewer commented, “What the? I have to assemble my own chocolate bunny? C’mon IKEA … I have sweaty palms so there’s no way this will end well for me.”

Even your kids can assemble the milk chocolate bunny on their own. Once put together, the bunny can be used as Easter decoration. Or be eaten straight away! Chances are, the chocolate will be finished before the bunny is done.

The 3 oz. sweet treat contains a minimum of 30 percent cocoa and is made of UTZ certified cacao. That means it’s not only a tasty nibble, it adheres to sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers.

So IKEA encourages us to “Go ahead, play with your food! That’s what this certified sustainable chocolate bunny is for. It’s easily assembled, only three parts. And when you’re finished playing, we bet you’ll enjoy eating it, too.” I think so too.

On the IKEA USA website, it sells for $5.99. (A dollar up from last year. Peg that to inflation!) I’m not sure if it’ll be available in any other IKEA stores around the world. The IKEA chocolate bunny is only available for purchase in-store. We don’t want any cases of melted bunnies.

IKEA Easter Egg gift pack

In some other locations (such as the UK and Australia), instead of the bunny, IKEA is offering a paper Easter Egg that can be opened up and filled with milk chocolate eggs or other sweets.

The VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate eggs come with hazelnut filling and cookie crumble.

ikea easter eggs

Not quite as exciting as the DIY IKEA Chocolate Easter Bunny, for sure. Fingers crossed the self-assembly chocolate bunny will hop over here.