Quick, easy hat and coat rack for the mudroom

I really loved making this hat and coat rack for the mudroom. It’s a very simple project you can tackle over a weekend very easily, for a stunning result. I’ve had only good comments about this. 🙂

Be sure to use a hand saw as the dowels are not firmly screwed and will just roll if you try to use a handsaw.

IKEA items used:
  • AXTORP winerack (x1)
IKEA AXTORP wine rack
LACK TV bench
MALINDA chair pad
Other materials and tools :

Hack instructions for mudroom hat and coat rack:

For the hat and coat rack:

Saw the wine rack in half, leaving you with two sets of hangers. (Note: Since the dowels are not firmly screwed you will have to do it with a hand saw, an electric saw will not work)

Sand the edges of the dowels.

Paint the edges with a dash of paint (I used white but feel free to go crazy with different colors, kids will love this!)

Hang it to the wall!

mudroom hat and coat rack

For the bench :

Cut the bottom of the pads.

Remove some foam.

Sew the pads to the new length.

Put the pads on the bench.

You can also build a proper bench pad with some foam mattress but I had these chair pads I wanted to re-use. Hope you have fun with this!

~ by Cecilia