This hack really takes the cake — frosting — that is

hand mixer ikea fixa hack

My wife was making cake frosting and we didn’t have a hand mixer or power blender. And I thought using a whisk is too time-consuming. But I have an IKEA FIXA series cordless screwdriver/ drill, so, I made a hand mixer out of it and named it ‘FIXA-MIXA’.

It took about 5 minutes (and I had the electrical insulation tape handy.)

IKEA items used:

ikea fixa drill

ikea koncis whisk
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Other materials and tools:

Hack instructions for FIXA-MIXA hand mixer:

1. Fix the bit holder to the FIXA drill.

2. Hold the KONCIS whisk handle parallel to the axis of bit holder and as close as possible.

3. Tape (electrical insulation tape or any other tape which holds) tight the whole setup as shown in the picture.

Hand Mixer IKEA FIXA drill hack

4. Do not worry if the whisk is a bit offset with the centre while rotating. It, in fact, is a feature which helps whipping/ whisking the frosting for cakes and other patisseries.

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5. Adjust the torque settings depending on the consistency of the batter. (Warning: not recommended for denser batter)

The only thing to pay special attention to is to keep the whisk axis aligned with the drill’s axis while taping tight. Make sure you tape it nice and tight so that it does not fly off / get detached from the drill while rotating.

See it in action in this video:

I like that my FIXA-MIXA hand mixer is simple and does the job perfectly well. Friends liked it. More than all, my wife loved it.

~ by Karthik

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