Warm your winter with this wax and candle melter lamp

Photo by Alisa Anton
Photo by Alisa Anton

I decided to build this candle warmer lamp because it costs around 18 euros and is much cheaper than the ones on the market.

It is also adjustable and allows to melt every candle size.

DIY candle warmer lamp - IKEA Hack

Using this lamp, your candles will be much more durable and the fragrance will be more intense!

IKEA Items used:
Other items used:

Instructions for DIY candle warmer lamp:

1.  Fix the four FIXA floor protectors in the corners  of  the back of APTITLIG chopping board.

2. Remove the clip from the lamp and unscrew the nut.  


3. With a gauge, measure the diameter of the lower part of the lamp. Find a right sized washer to fit the diameter of the lower part of the lamp.

4. Turn the chopping board upside down and locate the place to make the hole. For stability, the hole should be centered along the short side of the chopping board and about 2 cm away from the edge. Use a drill bit with the same diameter as the lower part of the lamp to make the hole.

5. Disassemble the lamp switch, so that you can pass the wire through the washer and then, through hole you just made. Fix the lamp to the board by tightening the nut.

6. Reassemble the switch. Install the halogen bulb into the socket. And you’re done.

7. Now, you can put your favorite scented candle under the lamp, turn on the switch, and enjoy the fragrance.

DIY candle warmer lamp - IKEA Hack

~ by Cristina Marcon

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