16 best bargains in the IKEA winter collection

How early is too early to get your home ready for winter and Christmas? Seems like the earlier the better. There’s a study that reveals people who begin Christmas celebrations early are happier. I know I feel happier just thinking about it. So there may be some truth to that.

And IKEA seems to agree on the bit about starting Christmas early. The new IKEA winter collection is already on sale at the stores. So if you’re into the whole Christmas comes early thing, then read on and plan for the holiday season before all the craziness truly begins.

I’ve handpicked 16 holiday decor items — all under $10 — to help give your home the winter Christmassy vibe.

16 under $10 from the IKEA Winter Collection

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IKEA winter collection – subtle and classy

The IKEA winter collection includes decorations, lighting, gift wrap, cooking and baking supplies. They’ve gone for a luxurious, dark theme this year. I think it’s a nice break from the traditional red and green, though the look is not for everybody.

Hanging plant pot holders that are perfect for block candles too.

If you plan to get only one Christmas decor, get a wreath. IKEA has lots of options, all very adorable, especially the one with the squirrels.

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Jules Yap

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